Sore Muscle Relief Must-haves

by Ally Cross

Sore muscles are inevitable, but did you know that common remedies to treat sore muscles are FSA/HSA eligible? Beneshop saves you time and money on thousands of FSA/HSA eligible items, so we have picked our top 5 favorite sore muscle remedies below – check them out!  

1. Sunbeam Heated Back Wrap, Gray Heating Pad (FSA/HSA Eligible)

Did you know that heating pads are FSA/HSA eligible? We love this sunbeam heated Back Wrap because its unique shape contours to match the shape of your back which provides targeted relief for back pain. It has an adjustable waist strap that extends 85 inches and even has 4 different heat settings which makes this heat wrap customizable to every stage of your healing.

Review: Adjustable belt/strap helps keep it in place. Puts out a lot of heat on the low/middle settings. Fits my back well. Glad I bought this instead of the standard square pad. – CVS Customer


2. Biofreeze Pain Relief Patch Variety Pack (FSA/HSA Eligible)

Biofreeze extra-large patches are a fast-acting menthol pain relief. We love this variety pack, so you provide targeted relief to different areas of your body. The flexible fabric makes it easy to apply and stays on while providing targeted, mess-free pain relief.

Review: This Biofreeze pain relief patch really works wonders on my sore lower back. You simply remove the backing paper and place it were it is needed, within minutes you can feel the the patch slowly making that area feel better. Walgreens Customer

3. CINCOM Leg Massager For Circulation (FSA/HSA Eligible)

This calf & leg air compression leg massager is a must-have for any athlete. It has 2 massage modes and 3 intensities that help to provide different massage experiences depending on the pain. It can be used on both your arms and your legs and even can be used to help those who have restless leg syndrome and leg edema. We love the adjustable wraps and easy to use handheld controllers.

Review: I think this is the first review I have ever left on Amazon, but I felt I needed to share. These leg massagers are so much like the massagers I had during a hospital stay after my surgery. However, I did not want to pay the steep price for hospital equipment. I tried two other brands first and hated them. These are perfect at such a great price. I bought my mom and father in law each a set while I was still wearing them for the first time.Amazon Customer

4. KT Tape Pro Extreme Therapeutic Elastic Kinesiology (FSA/HSA Eligible)

This KT tape provides support and stability for muscles, joints, and tendons. We love the flexibility of using tape versus a brace as it allows for more movement while playing a sport or exercising. We love this Pro Extreme version because its lightweight, comfortable, and allows for full mobility!

Review: I have used this tape a number of times for muscle injuries, especially low back pain. It works like a miracle for me, and the healing process is much quicker. I have used the cotton tape, but the premium tape is what really makes the difference. It adheres much better, and the support is stronger. I always have this tape handy in my first aid kit.Amazon Customer

5. Bed Buddy Body Wrap (FSA/HSA Eligible)

We love this Bed Buddy body wrap as a hot and cold therapy for your neck, shoulder, arm, leg, knee, and back pain! The body wrap shape allows for an adjustable and form fitting design. The material is soft which makes it comfortable to wear while delivering pain relief!

Review: I’ve had my neck wrap about two years now and it’s been such a great purchase—the weight of it is perfect for helping loosen tight muscles, and in combination with the heat, eases pain much better than a heating pad. In addition, the malleability of the material means I can wrap it around my neck or my hip—and it stays in place! If you’ve got chronic pain, this is a great buy and well worth the money!

Amazon Customer

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