Our Top Children’s Cough, Cold, and Flu Remedies

by Ally Cross

Have your kids been home recently with a cough or cold? Get the most out of your FSA/HSA dollars to stock up on all the Children’s cough, cold, and flu remedies. Check out our team’s favorites below.   

1. Vicks CoolRelief Filter Free Humidifier (FSA/HSA Eligible)

The Vicks Ultrasonic CoolRelief Filter Free Humidifier + VapoSteam is designed to quietly provide visible cool, medicated mist that relieves cough and congestion. The mist helps reduce respiratory and dry air discomforts by increasing humidity levels to help you breathe better and sleep more comfortably.

Review: “Works wonders for my kids during the night when they’re dealing with a cold. Helps them sleep though the whole night. – CVS  Customer


2. Vicks Children’s Cough & Congestion Relief, Day & Night Liquid Combo Back (FSA/HSA Eligible)

We love this dual pack as it gives relief during the day and better sleep at night for your kids. It is also free of artificial dyes, flavors, high fructose corn syrup, and alcohol making it one of the top selling children’s brands for cough and cold.

Review: The day time and nighttime work very well on my children when sick. It loosens up their congestion making them able to breath easier. I have to say my favorite thing about this medicine is that it is dye free and doesn’t have high fructose corn syrup. My kids even like the flavors of both. CVS Customer

3. Boogie Micro-Mist Inhaler Saline Spray (FSA/HSA Eligible)

The Boogie Micro-Mist Saline Inhaler’s continuous gentle mist distributes natural, sterile saline along the upper respiratory tract to gently moisturize and soothe, which may provide symptom relief for a variety of upper airway conditions such as coughs, colds and allergies.

Review: This things is awesome! It comes out of the bottle the way a nebulizer does but is pure saline! It is much easier to use for more than one kid as you can wash the parts and use them with another one of your babes. Also, it seems safer. Trying to spray saline up my infants nose is rough with all the wiggling! This I can use over his nose and mouth as he sleeps or just sits and it doesn’t bother him so no risk of losing an eye! If you don’t have, get!Amazon Customer

4. BEEKEEPER'S NATURALS Propolis Throat Spray For Kids (FSA/HSA Eligible)

Propolis Throat Spray for Kids is the powerful, natural immune support you’ve been searching for. Bee propolis is nature’s ultimate protector and serves as the hive’s immune system. It has been used for centuries for immune support, soothing scratchy throats, and promoting recovery.

Review: “Excellent spray for sore throat. My daughter had a sore throat and I gave her the spray and it cleared her sore throat. Main reason for ordering it was because it is natural.” Amazon Customer

5. Boogie Baby Wet Wipes For Face, Hand, Body & Nose (FSA/HSA Eligible)

These are the best for wiping away the snot and boogers from my kids face! Boogie Wipes saline nose wipes are wet wipes made with natural saline, which is gentle on skin, helps clean and dissolve snot and boogers, and wipes away dirt and germs. They’re gentle enough to be used on noses, faces, fingers and toes whenever cleaning is necessary. 

Review:What can I say? These bad boys make the best of a sticky situation. You can’t “snot” love ‘em. The scent is clean and pleasant but not too strong. I’ve tried both the scented and non-scented boogie wipes, and the children (6 mo & 2 yr old) prefer the scented version. They actually let me wipe their noses. A package seems to last us awhile. One wipe will usually do the job.

Amazon Customer

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