Allergy Testing is Now Available on beneshop!

by Elyse Hoffman

Introducing our newest partner: PersonaLabs!

Allergy Testing is now available on beneshop from our newest partner, PersonaLabs! PersonaLabs is a privately held health care company dedicated to providing American Consumers with fast, easy, and affordable access to: 

    1. Blood tests lab tests that can provide vital insights into your current state of health. 
    2. Physician consultations from the comfort of your home or office. 
    3. Prescriptions for some conditions. 

How does it work?

  • Step 1: Browse beneshop for the latest Allergy Testing Available. 

  • Step 2: Choose your test, checkout securely on the PersonaLabs website, and generate your lab order. 

  • Step 3: Visit the lab. Find a location in your area. Print and present your Doctor’s order at the lab. 

  • Step 4: Get your Results. In most cases, your lab results are available in your confidential PerosnaLabs account in 24-48 hours.  

* We also have a special Promo Code to offer you: Summer Sale 20% off all men’s and women’s health panels. Use code: JUNE22  (Only available until 6/30/22)

Check out our top Allergy Testing Kits below! 

1. Allergen Food Profile Blood Test  

Many people suffer from food allergies or food intolerances at some point in their life. 1 out of 3 people have experienced a food allergy or have modified their diet due to family history. If you have ever had a reaction to something you ate, you should consider getting a food allergy blood test.  

Review: “Awesome service and website, been using this since 2018 and have no complaints. Search works excellent.” – Richard C. on PersonaLabs 


2. Allergen Milk Blood Test 

This test is recommended for Those who may suffer from allergies. If you have a family member who suffers from allergic reactions caused by dairy, we recommend you get a lactose intolerance blood test.

Review:Simple and easy got my bloods ordered at 8pm and the next morning went and got them drawn. Just gotta wait on the results now. I recommend my father purchase his bloods through this company.” –Camden B. on PersonaLabs 


3. Allergen Profile – Dog & Cat Dander Blood Test 

Do you have cats or dogs in your household? This allergy panel is used to determine if you are allergic to Dog Dander or Cat Dander. Pet dander consists of dead skin cells and particles shed by cats, dogs, rodents, birds, and other animals with fur or feathers. These bits of skin can cause reactions in people who are specifically allergic to these triggers. Those who are allergic to pet dander can experience itchy or watery eyes or their skin may break out in rashes/hives. More serious allergic reactions include respiratory issues such as difficulty breathing or asthma. 

Review: It couldn’t be easier to take your health matters into your own hands. I love the simplicity of the website and often times better than using health insurance and waiting for a Dr to decide if tests are “necessary”. YOU have control over what you want to check.” – Scott C. on PersonaLabs 

4. Allergen Profile for Stinging Insects Blood Test

One test for allergies to bees, paper wasps, hornets, and yellow jackets can help you find treatment options and even prevent allergic reactions. This panel is used to detect an allergy to Bumblebee, honeybee, paper wasp, white face hornet, yellow hornet, and yellow jacket. 

Review: “I love ordering my labs here because it is so simple and at a fair cost.”- Jean K. on PersonaLabs 

5. Allergen Profile for: MI, MN, WI Blood Test 

This test is for those suffering from allergies specific to environmental allergens found in Michigan, Minnesota, and Wisconsin. Beneshop has tests available for all different regions across the US.

Review: “Very clear information about the tests provided and FAQs. Great prices too, and it was easy to find coupons online to apply toward the price.” – McKenna W. on PersonaLabs 

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