Allergy Season Prep Kit

by Elyse Hoffman

With allergy season in full swing, Beneshop is your one-stop-shop to curb those itchy eyes and runny noses!  Stock up on our top-rated FSA/HSA eligible allergy prevention and relief items so pollen doesn’t slow you down this Spring! 

Claritin Non-Drowsy 24 Hour Allergy Relief (FSA/HSA Eligible)

The classics are classics for a reason.  Highly recommended and frequently purchased, this all-encompassing seasonal allergy relief medicine has been proven to get the job done.   

Review:I took Zyrtec for three years. Anytime I didn’t take it, I itched terribly. So I decided to try these. They came within four days and they work great. Sometimes I forget to take it but my allergies still stay away. You should buy these.” -Amazon Customer


Children’s Claritin Chewables (FSA/HSA Eligible)

We never want to see our little ones uncomfortable, and allergy season can be tough!  Make sure to protect your child against the most unbearable allergy symptoms with these chewable, great-tasting allergy relief tablets. 

Review: We’ve been using these for my daughter for a while now per her doctor’s recommendation. She has severe seasonal allergies and this definitely helps to keep them at bay. So far, after trying several brands and flavors, this is the one she likes best. The chewable tablet makes it easier for her to take. Would recommend.”- CVS Customer

Baush + Lomb Alaway (FSA/HSA Eligible)

These antihistamine eye drops are a lifesaver if you suffer from itchy eyes during allergy season like I do.  Specifically designed to combat itchy eyes caused by allergens like pollen, ragweed, grass, animal hair, and dander, these eye drops will provide you fast-acting, prescription-strength comfort at an affordable price. 

Review: Best eye drops out there for allergies. Everyone in our house uses these during allergy season for itchy red irritated eyes. It does have a slight burn when putting them in initially, but the relief is instant and lasts all day. I have tried many different brands. This one is the only one that works for all of us.” -Amazon Customer 

Nasacort Allergy 24HR (FSA/HSA Eligible)

Get back to breathing easily with Nasacort Allergy 24HR nasal spray.  This non-drowsy spray helps relieve nasal congestion, sneezing, and itchy, runny noses.  Stock up now with our double pack, which includes 240 sprays! 

Review: I work for an ENT practice as their allergy nurse. This is by far the best nasal spray and we recommend it to all of our patients needing relief. It stays localized in nasal/sinus cavity and relieves nasal/sinus congestion, itchy eyes, itchy nose and mild headaches.” -Amazon Customer

Bioallers Animal Hair & Dander Allergy Treatment (FSA/HSA Eligible)

Unfortunately, some allergies transcend the bounds of seasonal change.  Don’t let animal hair and dander allergies get in the way of snuggling with your furry family members!  This homeopathic liquid allergy medication can provide relief from sneezing, congestion, itches, rashes, and watery eyes. 

Review From Amazon: I have been using bioAllers Allergy Relief Liquid for years and stand behind it 100%. Whenever, I go going to a friend’s house who owns cats or dogs that shed, I bring it in case I start to react to the dander and hair. Works every time. Amazing natural product.” -Amazon Review

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