Cold and Flu Readiness Kit

by Craig Lindsley

The temperature is dropping, the leaves are changing, and the unmistakable aroma of pumpkin spice is everywhere you go. Fall is here and unfortunately it brings cold and flu season along with it. So, as you prepare for raking leaves and picking out Halloween candy, take a moment to check out our list of FSA eligible cold and flu season must haves that will help you and your entire family fight those unexpected fall illnesses.


1. Vicks Personal Sinus Steam Inhaler with Soft Face Mask 

This steam inhaler is an ideal drug free option to those that want symptom relief from cold and allergy symptoms. The soft face mask makes it ideal to use with the little ones and when paired with the optional Vicks VapoPads can provide soothing therapy to rest easier


“100% best thing I have bought this far to help me breathe. I get sinus headaches often and winter is tough on my stuffy nose. It even comes with a little “port” to hold Vick’s discs to help. Best purchase in a long time.”

– Amazon Customer 

2. Simply Saline Nasal Mist 

Sometimes cold medicine is just not enough. This saline mist is drug free you so can use it to help clear congestion and moisturize your nasal passages without worry of drug interactions or unpleasant side effects.


Review: I’ve been using these for several years. Really beats neti pot or other methods of flushing sinuses. – Amazon Customer 

3. GENIANA Extra Large Heating Pad 

Cold and Flu Season isn’t all about runny noses and chest congestion. Sore joints and muscles from seasonal change, illness and overexertion are certainly a concern to many of us this time of year. The GENANI Extra Large Heating Pad provides a generous sized pad that is covered in soft microplush with a flexible design that lets you keep heat exactly where you want it. Three modes of heating, overheat protection and a five-year warranty certainly make this heating pad a must have this season.



This heating pad is great! Its soft, heats up fast and is nice and large. Easy to use and works very well. I have to say that this is probably the best heating pad I’ve tried. Another plus. Its not super stiff and plasticky with a cheap cover. This one is super nice. Get it!


– Amazon Customer

4. Touchless Forehead Thermometer

Every home should have a reliable thermometer at hand. This thermometer offers touchless fever monitoring, easy to read color coded digital display and has dual mode functionality to record both human body and object temperature. A must have item for those with young ones, this thermometer allows you to get a temperature reading without disturbing anyone’s sleep.


Review: I’m really happy with my purchase. The temp is instant and the screen is easy to read. It shows the time and has different memory settings for the people in your home. It has forehead and object mode. Meaning you could use it to find the temp of your baby’s bottle.” 

– Amazon Customer

5. Boogie Baby Wet Wipes

These saline wipes provide cleanliness and relief to kids and adults with sensitive noses. Much gentler than paper tissues, the Boogie Baby Wet Wipes provide cleaning and moisturizing with the addition of Aloe, Chamomile and Vitamin E. The convenient resealable pack stores easily in a diaper bag or glove compartment so they can be on hand at any time.


Review: When I delivered my first child almost 6 years ago, I got a sample of Boogie Wipes from the hospital in my birth bag. I actually shrugged at them and thought that regular tissue would be totally fine for wiping away boogies. After a couple years went by, I decided to try these wipes (a new set) and realized that I was missing out! The saline infused wipes honestly pull away more snot than regular tissues alone. Plus, the saline is much gentler on delicate skin than the tissues, even the softest brands. My kids PREFER the Boogie Wipes over any other tissues. I use them so much now that I buy these on Subscribe and Save. I keep them in both cars, diaper bags, purses, and in most rooms around the house” 

– Amazon Customer

6. Sudafed PE Day and Night Sinus Pressure and Congestion Tablets

Cold and Flu Season brings with it the wonderful world of sinus pressure and congestion. If you need a little extra edge in combating the stuffy head feeling Sudafed PE could be a great fit for you. With both a day time and night time formula included in one box, Sudafed PE has you covered so you can get to work or get some rest.


Review: Great to have daytime AND nighttime meditation in one box. I don’t get sick that often so there’s no need for large bottles of meds that will expire before I use even half of them up. This is the perfect combo and number of meds to have on hand. They are effective. Probably a good idea for travel, too. So glad Sudafed came up with this idea. Smart buy!” 

– Amazon Customer

7. Hyland's 4 Kids Cold 'N' Cough Day and Night Value Pack

Designed for kids 2-12, Hylands 4 Kids offers a homeopathic solution to cold and cough symptoms both day and night. A great first option to treat the minor sniffles and coughs before they get out of hand.


Review: It works, it works, it works!!!!! I bought the baby version when I traveled with my son during thanksgiving to Houston. He got a cold and was miserable. But this cleared up his sinuses, stopped the runny nose, lowered his fever and helped him to fall asleep and stay asleep during a cold. I have bought countless bottles and will continue to do so. It works and I’m not buying a thing else!” 

– Amazon Customer

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