Our Top Skincare Picks

by Elyse Hoffman

Skincare is taking over. There are so many face washes, spot treatments, and serums. We have added some amazing skin care products that are worth the hype. They are all HSA and FSA eligible and highly recommended. Dive into our list and up your skin game. 

1. La Roche-Posay Effaclar Medicated Gel Acne Face Wash (FSA/HSA Eligible)

This is an amazing French brand that has come to the US with some amazing products. La Roche-Posay’s face wash has been recommended by thousands of dermatologists. It helps target oily and bacteria-filled areas by removing debris and dirt gently. It’s a refreshing and promising product that can transform your skin. 

Review From Amazon: “This product has been a game changer. Completely. The Effaclar medicated gel cleanser has worked better for my adult onset cystic acne than any other product I’ve tried on the market. As you can see in the photo, I’ve been using Effaclar for about a year now and it has remained effective. I no longer find painful cysts on my chin and jaw area. At first I thought it was the novelty of a new product that my skin hadn’t gotten used to yet, because that’s happened to me with everything else I’ve tried. But after a year, I’m still acne free.” – Cameron Newhouse

2. Vichy Normaderm Daily Acne Treatment Face Wash (FSA/HSA Eligible)

Vichy has wonderful and high-quality products. This facewash is a salicylic acid-free cleanser for Oily skin. This a gentle formula that can help unclog pore while clearing out blackheads and reduce the production of oil on your skin. Help improve the tone of your skin and even the texture with this lovely product. 

Review From Amazon: “After trying alot of different face washes and spot creams, my daughter was starting to get very self conscious and upset as she has had outbreaks of acne on her nose for over a year now, and after giving other products a good 4/6weeks try, nothing was helping or clearing it up. After doing some reasearch her type of acne responds well to products that contain salicylic acid and this face wash seemed to have very positive reviews in that it actually worked. It is abit more expensive than i would of usually paid but it is totally worth every penny.” – Summer

3. Mighty Patch Original - Hydrocolloid Acne Pimple Patch Spot Treatment (FSA/HSA Eligible)

The Mighty Patch is finally on beneshop! It’s an award-winning hydrocolloid sticker that can vanish your pimples overnight. Stick it on right before bed and your pesky pimple disappears! It’s the closest thing to magic. Try it out and you won’t regret it. 

Review from Amazon: “I wish I could give it 10 stars. I have BIG cystic acne. I recently had several cysts injected at the dermatologist and use rx creams. Tried EVERYTHING- im 33 and have been dealing with this for years and years. I had never even heard of these patches until recently and decided why the heck not. Ok friends, they WORK LIKE A MIRACLE. In just a few hours I had to change one out because it had already turned white with puss (this was one more of a whitehead, but still big and cystic). It says it wont work on cysts but I decided to go for it anyway. Most of my jawline cysts are actually tiny right now but still red and hard and ugly and painful, and after using a patch on 2 of them overnight they are FLAT. SERIOUSLY, i cant believe it.” – Amazon Customer

4. Acne Free Oil Acne Cleanser (FSA/HSA Eligible)

Another highly rated product that is worth the try. This product has a gentle formula that actively cleanses the skin and fights current acne symptoms. Reduce the appearance of blackheads with this hydrating acne treatment. 

Review From Amazon: “My teen loves this and can’t live without it. He has fairly sensitive skin and has not had any problems in the four years he’s used it. The packaging is nice and easy to use with one hand. There isn’t a scent that I could detect, other than maybe that medicinal note such things have. The face wash was recommended to us by the dermatologist treating my teenager’s acne. Good recommendation, for sure.” – Shawn B

5. Neutrogena Deep Clean Purifying Cooling Gel And Exfoliating Face Scrub (FSA/HSA Eligible)

Try out this cooling gel and exfoliating facial cleanser. This is a salicylic acid-based product that is made to target skin impurities. It draws out trapped dirt and oil that then leaves your skin more refreshed and clear. Maintain your skin and try out this amazing cleanser. 

Review From Amazon: “I love this face wash. It has a great cooling effect and is gently exfoliating. I have sensitive skin and my acne has recently gotten worst but I don’t like using most acne washes because my skin dries out. I don’t have that problem with this wash, my acne has gotten better with this and I don’t feel like my face is dried out. Would definitely recommend.” – Elizabeth

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