Eligible Household Favorites

by Elyse Hoffman

We have compiled a list of our household favorites that are all FSA/HSA Eligible. These products are a mix of classics and new considerations we think the whole family will find useful. Keep reading to find some gems to add to your medicine cabinet. 

1. The Stylish First Aid Kit - With Hand Sanitizer (FSA/HSA Eligible)

This is the perfect stylish compact travel first aid kit. It has a durable and light tin container that can fit in your purse. This kit includes latex-free band-aids and even hand sanitizer.   

Review From CVS: “Wary of the surface you just touched? Spider bite itch keeping you awake? Infection concerns? The Welly Human Repair Kit has packets to deal with all three. Plus, a very colorful assortment of bandages to take an “ouch” away. Nice first aid kit.” – bspencer 

2. Aquaphor – The Miracle Worker (FSA/HSA Eligible)

This is the holy grail of moisturizers. It does everything you need it to do. Have a scrape? Dry skin? A burn? Aquaphor is the remedy you need. If you do not already have this on hand, we would recommend that you add it to your cart now. Seriously, you will thank us later.   

Review From CVS: I use this every morning on my lips and apply a couple times throughout the day. Keep tubes in my purse, car and my house, love it!”– Teresa

3. Children’s Tummy Relief – Keep Your Kids Feeling Their Best (FSA/HSA Eligible)

Having a kid with a tummy ache can just be as painful to you, so having this can be a lifesaverIt is a delicious tasting chewable that your kiddo will love. Keep a couple in your bag when you’re on the go and you will not be sorry. 

Review From CVS: My daughter gets tummy aches and acid reflex often. Since trying these she has complained less. Super excited to know these works well. Already bought another bottle of mylicon children’s multi symptom chewable to keep in my car.” – Lizzy 

4. Baby Sunscreen and Bug Spray – Best Multipack for Your Family (FSA/HSA Eligible)

The multipack that does it all. A kid-friendly sunscreen and bug spray all in one. Both are sprayable and give the protection your kids deserve.  

Review From Amazon: “I LOVE THIS SUNSCREEN SO MUCH. we went to an island, and my daughter had this sunscreen, and us adults had “adult” sunscreen. the “adult” sunscreen burned us bad. it was even SPF 75. So, we decided to try this sunscreen that we have put on our daughter, since she did not get burned at all, and wow! we went an extra week at the beach with this sunscreen on and never ever got burnt again!!! I love this! 10/10 best sunscreen out there”- Chelsi Bolano

5. Cold Therapy Ice Pack – The Classics Never Die
(FSA/HSA Eligible)

The classics do not die with this trusty pain reliever solution. Fill it up with ice and it’s ready to go. There is a reason most of us had this in our family’s medicine cabinet growing up—because it works. It’s leak-proof and has an effectivbarrier between the ice. It is perfect for quick pain relief for you and your kids.  

Review From Amazon: This is the fully functioning classic that you are looking for. The lid fits perfectly. I can put ice-water in with no leaks at the seams or soaking through the fabric. The fabric is not too thick and flexible for wrapping around your joints. The star pattern makes this forgotten home remedy feel a bit more modernized.I leave two in my suitcase and, after a long day of exploring a new city, I fill them both with ice from the machine at the hotel and ice down my knees!”- JM

6. Digital Ear Thermometer –Accurate, Fast & Sanitary Results (FSA/HSA Eligible)

This everything you need in a thermometer. If you want to stay away from an oral thermometer this is a great choice. You can take multiple family members’ temperature quickly with the disposable covers that are included. This is the right and easy to use choice your family needs. 

Review From Amazon: As a pediatric nurse these are my go-to thermometer for baby shower gifts. Work so much nicer and faster than any oral or axillary thermometer. I don’t like temporal scans, don’t trust them. Now with this one you do have to be sure you have it in correctly to get a proper reading. If you are in doubt do it two or three times and take the highest number! It is super quick so the kids can sleep through it too. I did only four stars because I feel like the instructions on use could have pictures or quick steps for new parents.” – Christina 

7. Hand, Face, and Nose Wet Wipes for Kids – Boogies Be Gone! (FSA/HSA Eligible)

With flu and cold season upon us your kids will sooner or later will get a stuffy nose. These are a great choice if you have kids that have sensitive skin. You can easily wipe off whatever is on their face and make it painless. Win, Win.  

Review From Amazon: Family friends introduced us to these; and, although we were skeptical at first, we now value these soft, non-stinging wipes. Simply put, they work very well; get the job done; and, our little one never complains when their little nose gets a wipe from these, versus the tears we get from using plain, old, dry tissue paper. No more tears from an irritated nose are worth wonders. We are repeat buyers. Give them a try, what do you have to lose? Except more tears and an irritated nose.” 

– Jay

8. Thermal-Aid Zoo — The Hot and Cold Stuff Animal for Pain Relief (FSA/HSA Eligible)

Now, this is something I think we all would have loved as kids. Warm it up or cool it down to give to your little ones when they are feeling sick. Who would not love a warm snuggly stuffed animal when you are sick? 

Review From Amazon: “Very clever way to use as a pain reliever for a toddler, my almost 3-year-old girl loves it. Yesterday she has a little stomachache and I just warm up the monkey and she didn’t complain at all to have it in her stomach. Easy instructions on how to clean it and use it cold or hot.” 

– Brenda Rivera 

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