Winter Must Haves

by Elyse Hoffman

Winter is a critical time to make sure you and your family are prepared for illness. Do not wait until you are sick to go out in the cold to grab your essentials, have them ready to go! Being prepared means getter better quicker. So, here are 5 items we think would be great to have in your winter season preparedness kit: 

1. Humidifier – Bring back much needed moisture.

As the snow comes in this winter, so does the dry air. The moisture leaves our skin and sinuses. Having a humidifier on hand is a game changer even without being sick. This can create moisture in the air and make it easier for our throats and sinuses to breathe. The one we recommend is perfect for this winter. It has a sleek design and small enough to fit on a desk or a bedside table. 

Review From Amazon: “Gives off a wonderful mist. A very soft sound that is not annoying and can barely hear it.” -Donna

2. Thermometer – Quickly detect a fever. (FSA/HSA Eligible)

Keeping a thermometer in the house is a staple. Stop questioning if you are running a fever. There are a variety of options that can give you reliable quick readings. The one we have chosen is the Vicks Speed Read which is FSA eligible. It gives you a reading in 8 seconds and can even recall your last reading. 

Review From Amazon: The 🌡 gives a quick enough reading. It’s gotten plenty of use so far this winter within my family of five. From what I can tell, it’s accurate.”-Brenton B. 




3. Hot and Cold Compress –Take care of those aches and pains. (FSA/HSA Eligible)

When the fever comes so do the aches. Depending on if you are hot or cold you are going to want to combat those aches and pains. This compress can either go in the freezer or microwave to fit your needs. It also comes with a self-adhering elastic strap to put it wherever your aches are. 

Review From Amazon: “This thing has worked wonders for my migraines. The “wrap” holds tightly but comfortable around my head. The gel pack is really cold out of the freezer and stays cold for just about as long as I need, when I need even longer I can always pull the second included pack out of the freezer. Made of high quality materials and well constructed. Will definitely be recommending to others.”-Hannah

4. Saline Spray- Keep your nose clear. (FSA/HSA Eligible)

If you get the sniffles, it can dry out your nasal passages which feel awful. This saline spray is a fantastic way to relieve dryness in your nose. This small bottle is nice to throw in a purse or in your bathroom without taking up so much space. 

Review from Amazon: “I am perplexed that this product does not get all 5 star reviews. The Basic Care Saline nasal spray provides me with such comfort and is so easy to use. Name brands get very pricey and I find they irritate my nostrils as well as have a hard time finding the appropriate level of spray I want. I have also tried other generics and they are so bad it feels like nothing is going in my nose. This product here I just spray twice in each nostril and a nice wide stream comes out and soothes the entire interior of my nostrils. It feels very natural and does not burn or irritate. I get very dry air in my apartment all winter and am prone to sinus infections. I just got over being sick and do nasal irrigation every night. But I need to be prepared this winter and keep my nostrils from ever getting dry. This product does the trick. I am beyond thrilled with it. I know some people worry a stream of spray will be too strong. This one comes out steady and easily but you press as you desire. And it does not come out so strong that it goes down my throat. It works and I am very happy. Highly recommend.” -Barry

5. Eye Mask – Help with those headaches. (FSA/HSA Eligible)

If you’ve never tried an eye mask that can either be warm or cold, then you are missing out!. This product can go in the microwave or freezer depending on your preference. Having the flu can bring on a headache and sinus pain. Sometimes you need a little more than a Tylenol to relieve the tension. Put this over your eyes for some much-needed relief. Pro Tip: Once you purchase this immediately in the freezer to have it ready when a headache strikes. 

Review from Amazon:Good value for money. It’s easy to use and comfortable. I like the versatility of being able to use it warm or cold. I use it warm for my blepharitis and it actually helps.” -Sandra M. 

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