Products That Can Help With Your Health Tracking Goals

by Elyse Hoffman

We have compiled a list of some great health tracking options that are all FSA/HSA eligible. These are some great options for various stages of life, whether it is for exercise, fertility, or heart concerns. Take a glance and see if there is something to help achieve the health goals you have in mind. 

1. Personal Bluetooth Health Tracker– Keep Track of Your Heart Health at Home (FSA/HSA Eligible)

Stay on top of your heart health with this amazing portable monitor. This even connects to your mobile phone and can store up to two people’s health data. It also comes with free PC software to connect to your home computer. Get quick and accurate detections of this portable wonder 

Review From Amazon: This is an amazing thing. First, it is Tiny. You can keep this anywhere because it does not take up any space. Secondly you can do quick checks without hooking up anything. Wherever you can get an electrical reading, you can have this machine read your ECG. In other words, you can touch the contacts on a device to your wrists or you can hold the contact and unit with your right hand and touch the left contact to your leg or your chest or your arm Etc. The unit will record your ECG and do it accurately.” – Klingler LLC  

2. Ovulation Test Kit- “Take Charge of Your Fertility”
(FSA/HSA Eligible)

Conceiving can be stressful and difficult with your partner. Start getting the results you want with this Ovulation Test Kit. You can even track your cycles by using the app along with the test strips right at home. This way you can easily know when your body is ready 

Review From Amazon: “These strips work amazing. The first month I used them, I just guessed when I should ovulate, and I started testing and reading the strips myself which they are easy to read but was not successful the first month. The second month I started testing right after my period and downloaded the app that comes with the kit and it reads the strips for you and tells you when you peak. So, the first month that I tested every day and used the app, I conceived. Currently 6 weeks and couldn’t be more excited. I highly recommend this kit and to use the app because it is extremely easy and helpful.” – Krista  

3. Blood Pressure Monitor - Get Your Blood Pressure Under Check (FSA/HSA Eligible)

Blood Pressure levels are a concern for many Americans. If you need to be able to track it at home this is a reliable and easy choice. This wraps around your upper arm and has a large display to see results. Track your health with this accurate blood pressure monitor.  

Review From Amazon:Tried other blood pressure monitors, not accurate or consistent, however, not only is this accurate and consistent, the nurse that visits weekly uses it. Hers was not as accurate, I recommend this product to anyone who needs to monitor the blood pressure daily. I use it morning and evening before bedtime. The product came earlier than expected, brand new and in tact. Definitely an excellent purchase.” – M. Washington

4. Oximeter Blood Oxygen Saturation Monitor – Keep an Eye on Your Pulse (FSA/HSA Eligible)

If you want to keep track of pulse rates for your health goals this is a wonderful choice. It is portable, easy to read, and can give you more in-depth information on your pulseThis is a great option for sports enthusiasts that want to keep track of their SpO2 (Blood Oxygen Saturation Levels) when you are hiking, biking, and climbing, or even on the go.  

Review From Amazon: Great device! It accurately gives you your SpO2 and heart rate. The reading faces you too so it is easy to read your own readings. It comes with two AA batteries, a silicone case, and a lanyard. There is a pulsing bar on the side that lets you know how accurate the reading is. The less bars the less accurate and the more bars the more accurate your reading is.”  

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